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Welcome to the 6th Gen BD League!

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Welcome to the 6th Gen BD League! Empty Welcome to the 6th Gen BD League!

Post by The Pieman on Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:07 pm

As you might have known by now, the 6th Gen BD League is the revival of last year's BD League, which was based on 5th Gen (BW/ BW2 era).

However, Generation isn't the only thing that will change this time!

First and foremost, this is not going to be a Monotype-based League, neither will it feature any OU/ UU/ Uber/ LC battles. Basically, expect no common metagames, giving way to...

The 10 Special Metagames! (Check the individual thread to learn about each metagame)

Challenge Cup
Inverse Battle
Middle Cup
Suicide Cup

One other notable change that will be in effect is: there will no longer by any Elite Four, only 10 Gym Leaders for each of these 10 Special Metagames.

A challenger aiming to be the Champion simply has to defeat the 10 Gym Leaders in each of their respective metagames.

Now for some general rules...

1. In order for a challenger to win against the specific Gym Leader, he has to defeat the Gym Leader in a set.

What is a 'set'?
A set consists of 3 matches in which a challenger needs to win 2 times to be considered a victor against that particular Gym.
As in, you need to win 2 out of 3 times to be a winner in a Gym battle.
(Exceptions: Challenge Cup, 1v1)
If more than 2 losses occur in a set, then that set is finished and the challenger needs to start a new set for that particular Gym.
Any wins/ losses from the previous set will not affect the current set.
A challenger can play as many sets as they want, however, each Gym Leader can be challenged by a particular challenger only once per 24 hours.
This means that whether you win or lose, you cannot challenge the same Gym Leader that you just battled with until 24 hours has passed.

2. The entire BD League challenge is to be played in the BD Battlers Server in Pokémon Online.

Challenges will be made to the Gym Leaders depending on when the Gym Leader is online.
Clauses/ mode/ special rules of the challenge itself will vary depending on the metagame the Gym is based on.
Make sure to make all your teams in the Pokémon Online Teambuilder as well.

3. Saying this beforehand, all of the metagames here are drastically different from XY OU.

I suggest everyone to read the description and rules carefully before making a team and challenging for a Gym Leader spot/ challenging the League.

4. Moody, along with any unreleased items and Abilities, is banned in all the metagames in 6th Gen BD League (except CC, nothing is banned there!).

While banned items and moves may seem the same all throughout, there are exceptions here and there, so keep your eyes peeled when going through the restrictions.

5. Saving the best change for last.

Due the luck-based nature that these games tend to take, I have decided to go with the following rule:
If more than 2 important misses/ critical hits occur in a match, then that match will restart.

Hopefully this will stop everyone (especially me) complain about +3 Def Gastrodon being OHKO'd by Salamence Outrage critical hit.

6. This is pretty obvious, but always be respectful to each and every member of the community. No one wants to have an arrogant show-off around, especially someone who uses foul language and has little to no value for honor. Keep in mind that rude behavior will not be tolerated here.

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