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Post by Saquib Al Mamun on Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:47 am

   Monotype Viability Rankings​

Tier Definitions:

   S Rank: Reserved for Pokemon that can easily play a role against a majority of type matchups with ease, meaning it will never be useless in any matchup. These Pokemon need little to no support (which can be easily given) for them to do their job (Both Offensive and Defensive). They are easy to bring in and out, and often with little to no risk (Mostly Defensive). They can fulfill a ton of roles depending on what you need. These Pokemon define the metagame.

A Rank: Reserved for Pokemon that have S rank qualities, but need support (which can be easily given) in order for them to be successful. Defensive Pokemon of this tier can fulfill its role really well most of the time. They may get moves / abilities that are rare in their Type and they're still decent Pokemon overall. These Pokemon can play a role against most type matchups, but they may be hard walled by 1-2 types. However, these Pokemon are mostly used for one or two of their sets meaning that they can be predictable. These Pokemon influence the metagame.

B Rank: Reserved for Pokemon that are good but they need support (which may be hard to give) for them to function. These Pokemon are used to check your counters once or twice, meaning that it cannot switch in and out repeatedly (Both Defensive and Offensive). Defensive Pokemon of this rank are Pokemon in this rank can have a positive type match up sometimes, but they may be useless in others. These Pokemon are adaptable to the metagame.

C Rank: Reserved for Pokemon that are only used to check a threat once or twice (Both Offensive and Defensive). These Pokemon often run unorthodox sets since other Pokemon outclass their primary niches. Using these unorthodox sets may put you in danger of set up mons. These Pokemon need a lot of support (which may be hard to give) for them to function. These Pokemon have a hard time adapting to the metagame.

D Rank: Reserved for Pokemon that are outclassed in almost every single way. These Pokemon are only used for one of their moves, or for their typing / ability. Even so, they are generally second rate Pokemon meaning that they can be only brought in once or twice to perform their role. These Pokemon rarely adapt to the metagame.

E Rank: Outclassed in almost every single way. Please do not use it since you'll get tomatoes thrown at you.




[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Chansey

-Probably the best specially defensive pokemon in the game.
-Almost no special attacker can break through this pink blob.
-Unparalleled team support with Heal Bell,Thunder Wave,Wish.
-With Evolite it is bulkier then its evolved forme Blissey.



[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Porygon2

-Great mixed bulk which is further increased by Evolite and Recover.
-Unlike other defensive pokemon it has a decent 105 SpA letting it hit hard with BoltBeam Combo.
-Trace lets it check some dangerous pokemon such as Heatran and Gyarados.
-Download and Analytic lets it play an offensive role.


[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Staraptor

-Reckless + STAB Brave bird and Double-Edge demolishes so many things.
-Close combat breaks steel- and rock-types which wall its STAB moves.
-Base 120 Attack and base 100 Speed is pretty good for an offensive mon.
-With Scarf it is a dangerous Revenge killer and with Band its a terrific hard hitter.


[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Ditto

-The bane of setup sweepers,with a scarf it can copy the stats of any Pokemon with Imposter and easily sweep the opponent with their own pokemon.
-Slap a scarf on this and your ready to go.
-Number 1 reason not to setup your Mega Pinsir or Mega Charizard X.
-Almost the perfect Revenge killer.

-Has trouble with Walls and Bulky Defensive Boosters.


[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Diggersby

-Huge power boosts its attack to titanic levels.
-STAB Earthquake lets it muscle through Rock and Steel types.
-Sword Dance+STAB priority in Quick Attack lets it be a potent threat.
-Can run an effective Banded and Scarfed set.

-Mediocre speed and bulk



[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Blissey

-The other pink blob,similar to chansey in most ways.
-Less vulnerable to knock off and trick.
-Has a usable special attack.
-Can pass bigger wishes.

-Less bulky then chansey.
-More prone to physical attacks which is trouble some in normal mono


[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Exploud

-Boomburst a 140 BP move with no draw backs,backed up by the ability to hit ghosts due to scrappy and let me present to you Wallbreaker.
-Passable bulk and good special attack stats.
-Awesome coverage in Overheat,Focus Blast,Surf.

-Extremely slow and easily Revenge Killed


[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Meloetta[Monotype] Monotype Viability Rankings Meloetta-pirouette

-Extremely versatile pokemon with 2 formes which have totally different counters,and also its base forme can perform many sets.
-Quite bulky with a neutrality to fighting.
-With a psychic typing it can dismantle many fighting and poison teams.
-Nice sets of immunities.

-Relic song needs a turn to setup and in base forme it is a bit slow.
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