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5th Gen BD League Empty 5th Gen BD League

Post by The Pieman on Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:33 pm

As you might know, there actually was a Bangladeshi Pokémon League back in the B2W2 days.
It was a Monotype-themed League, representing the Gym Leader and Elite Four systems of the main games.

At first, an announcement was made to recruit Gym Leaders and initiate the selection process.
To be chosen as a Gym Leader, the challenger had to use a Monotype team to defeat one of the Elite Four of BD League. However, the challenger could not battle an Elite Four whose Monotype has a natural disadvantage against the challenger's type.

The official announcement with rules can be found HERE (click).

Eventually, 7 Gym Leaders (plus 1 Gym Leader for the Monostat Gym; the winner of the Monostat Tournament) compiled the BD League Gym Leaders. A few left and changed types here and there, but this is the complete list of both resigned and permanent 5th Gen BD League Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

Jan Ivar Lund - 5th Gen BD League Fighting (RESIGNED; Was not in the GL lineup when the League began)

Shaafi Al Kader Sopan - 5th Gen BD League Flying (Intially; Became the Water E4 when the League began)

Rambo Reddy - 5th Gen BD League Dark (Intially; Became the Dragon GL when the League began)

1. Adib Ahsan – 5th Gen BD League Electric (resigned) [Substitute Electric GL - Anknown Miistt/ Tonmoy Shams]
2. Shehrooz Khandaker – 5th Gen BD League Flying
3. Shirsho Muntaha – 5th Gen BD League Psychic
4. Tahmeed Mostafiz – 5th Gen BD League Bug
5. Subarno Hossain – 5th Gen BD League Steel and MONOSTAT
6. Rambo Reddy – 5th Gen BD League Dragon
7. Dhiman Dey – 5th Gen BD League Normal

After the Gym Leaders were selected, the Grand Announcement was given, which can be found HERE. (click)

Please refer to the docs provided in this thread for the rules and additional details about the 5th Gen BD League.

Challengers List: HERE (click)

Test Battles Statistics: HERE (click)

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5th Gen BD League Empty Re: 5th Gen BD League

Post by hirok on Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:34 pm

Such heartbreak  Sad  Only one battle left till Champ.

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